Negative Index Materials

Negative index materials (NIMs) are among the most exciting new materials today. They are characterized by a negative refractive index, which means that light waves and light energy travel in opposite directions, with astonishing consequences. Such materials open the door to exciting new applications, such as "perfect" lenses which allow the creation of high resolution images, with details much smaller than the wavelength of light. NIMs do not exist in nature but researchers believe they can be realized via novel material composition and architecture.

MURI Team Members
P. Palffy-Muhoray, LCI, KSU (Principal Investigator)
D. Carroll, Wake Forest
S. Glotzer, U. Michigan
L. Greengard, Courant Inst., NYU
N. Kotov, U. Michigan
O. Lavrentovich, LCI, KSU
S. Nemat-Nasser, UCSD
S. Schultz, UCSD
C. Soukoulis, Iowa State; Ames Lab
B. Taheri, AMI, LCI, KSU
E. Van Stryland, CREOL, UCF