Program Agenda Monday, Oct. 20th

This is the schedule as of Friday, Oct. 17th. Please check later for changes to the schedule.

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Monday, October 20th

8:30-9:10  Merlin, Overview
9:10-9:35  Basov: Infrared spectroscopy of negative index materials
9:35-10:00  GOLDMAN:Tailoring metal-semiconductor nanocomposites for NIMS
10:00-10:20  COFFEE
10:20-10:50  SHVETS:Perfect impedance-matched NIMs and their applications
10:50-11:20  NAFIEInfrared negative refraction in chiral molecular materials
11:20-11:50  KIMDirected self-assembly of nanogold by means of functional surface for 3-D NIMS
11:50-13:15  LUNCH
13:15-13:45  SMITH:TBA
13:45-14:10  MERLIN:Near field plates 
14:10-14:45  DISCUSSION